Corporate Tax

Let us help you with:

  • Annual Corporation Returns.
  • Appealing adverse reassessments and audits.
  • Dealing with CRA auditors and queries (audit support and representation).
  • Deciding if you need to be incorporated.
  • Fighting CRA in Tax Court.
  • Filing your corporate taxes.
  • Getting incorporated.
  • Reviving a corporation.
  • Structuring your affairs to minimize tax.


Did you know?

  • Corporations have lower tax rates than individuals.
  • Starting in 2010 all corporations with gross revenue exceeding $1,000,000 must file electronically.
  • If you use a corporation properly you can defer paying your taxes and keep your money longer.
  • The CRA does not always interpret Tax legislation in a fair and consistent manner. Different auditors will give you different interpretations.
  • The CRA WILL NOT help you minimize the amount of Income Tax you have to pay. WE WILL!


Knowledge is power

You have rights that the CRA must respect. In fact the CRA posts them on their website. The problem is they just don't let you know where to find them, or promote that they exist.  Check out the link below.         - Taxpayer's Bill of Rights


Now that you know what your rights are you can ensure that you are treated fairly.  If you know your rights then you will be able to keep your cool and be calm even if presented with a difficult situation.  Remember that these rights must be respected.  However, this does not mean that you can ignore CRA or violate legislation. 



  • Keep good records and documentation (or have someone do it for you)
  • File your tax returns accurately and in accordance with the legislation
  • Provide copies of your records and documents to CRA for audit purposes (never give up the originals).
  • Provide answers to their questions (but you can seek help from a representative before answering).
  • Respond to CRA in a timely fashion and be aware of legislative deadlines and time frames.
  • Remember that ultimately you are responsible for your records and taxes.  Make sure you understand what you are doing, or what others are doing for you.


"Taxes are necessary.  They don't have to be evil"