CRA Feel Good Story

For those of you who regularly read my blog you may have noticed a pattern. I am usually bitching, complaining, and telling you how bad the CRA is at almost everything. I am always right and have the proof to back it up. All my stories are true and based on actual events. That said, NEVER let it be said that I am not fair. “Story Time!!!”

We have a client that is behind on filing taxes. As a result the CRA was garnisheeing their wages directly from their “employer”. The CRA want the client to file all the outstanding tax returns. Problem is that the client can’t afford to pay to have the work done unless the CRA release the garnishee. Did I mention that the CRA want the returns before they will release the garnishee? Did I mention that the client can’t afford to pay to have the work done because the garnishee leaves only enough to live on? Kind of a Catch 22 huh?

Well here is where the story gets its warm fuzzy. We were dealing with a CRA officer who wanted to work with us. This CRA officer went to their team leader to explain the situation and to ask for permission to get the garnishee removed so that the client could pay to get the returns done. This officer realized that to get the returns from us we needed to get paid first. If we don’t get paid the CRA don’t get the returns. Did I mention that the CRA really want the returns? Well the Team Leader was being and IDIOT and refused to release the garnishee (no this is not the warm fuzzy part). However the CRA officer realized that this was an asinine position and did something amazing. She went over the team leaders head (damn brave, and worthy of some kudos) and got the garnishee removed. It is nice when you meet CRA staff that get it and are willing to do what it takes so that everyone gets what they want. Side note. The team leader must be a moron of the highest magnitude. Just sayin.

Now while I want to give this CRA officer her due kudos (she deserves it), it should be pointed out that the only reason she could do this is because we sent her proof that the returns are ready to be filed, and have committed to providing them on a regular basis as we get paid. We did our part, and as a result she did her part. This could not have happened without us doing unpaid work as a show of good faith to the CRA. The reason I point this out is so that you don’t think empty promises will work.

It should be noted that we also had a backup strategy to get around the garnishee in the event that the CRA was not willing to be reasonable and work with us, and get the client filed up to date. It is very rewarding to be reminded that there are still staff at the CRA that do care and who are willing to do what it takes to get things done properly and efficiently. Kudos to this unnamed CRA officer. She is the type of person you hope to deal with and a credit to an organization that has way too many idiots.