Do I Get A Carbon Tax Rebate?

The Information provided below is directly from the Government of Alberta website and has not been changed or modified.  Take a look for yourself to see if you will qualify for a rebate cheque.  In my next blog i will comment on the Carbon tax and share my opinion and thoughts.  I will  say this.  In my opinion you will pay far more for essential items like gas, electricity, groceries, and anything that requires transportation.  When you look at the rebate numbers and income thresholds you will realize that you are just paying more tax.


AB Carbon Tax Rebate Eligibility


The rebate is solely tied to income and not energy use, so eligible recipients have a financial incentive to reduce household emissions.

You don't need to apply. You'll automatically receive a rebate if you file a tax return and meet the income criteria. You're not required to answer questions over the phone or give access to your home to determine eligibility.


Payments will be mailed or direct deposited according to the amount you’re eligible to receive:

  • $400 or more delivered in 4 payments (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)

  • $200-$399 delivered in 2 payments (Jan, Jul)

  • $100-$199 delivered in 1 payment (Jan)

    For questions about the rebate, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as CRA is administering the program on the province's behalf: 1-800-959-2809.

    Table 3. Rebate income parameters

Source: Alberta Treasury Board and Finance




Rebate amounts

First adult



Spouse/Equivalent to spouse



Each child (maximum 4)



Maximum income to receive full rebate
(Family Net Income)










Maximum income to receive partial rebate
(Family Net Income)







Couple with 1 child



Couple with 2 children



Couple with 3 children



Couple with 4 children